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What Applicant have to say about OMAN Visa Service

Jose Ramon Gutierrez (United States of America | 15 Days Visa (Single Entry))
26-02-2018 (13:47)

Excellent service and clarity on the website requirements. Thanks

Praveenkumar Raveendran (Canada | 15 Days Visa (Single Entry))
24-02-2018 (07:41)

I relay like the online service, it is simple and fast process.

Georges DURAND (Switzerland | 15 Days Visa (Single Entry))
24-02-2018 (03:53)

it was very quick and comfor to do it from home, without going to the embassy. Thank you

Ivo Steenackers (Belgium | 15 Days Visa (Single Entry))
24-02-2018 (01:45)


Sandeep Rao (India | 10 Days Visa (Single Entry))
23-02-2018 (08:31)

Dear Team, I am Sandeep Rao from Philips living in Dubai. Thank you so much for processing my Oman visit visa so efficiently and ensuring my travel immigration is super smooth. Great team work!! Regards Sandeep Rao

Philippe Dominique Poulet (France | 15 Days Visa (Single Entry))
23-02-2018 (08:00)

Efficient, helpful and valuable its exactly what I think about Oman Visa Dpt

ROGER TAYLOR (United States of America | 15 Days Visa (Single Entry))
22-02-2018 (11:13)

Good Service and timely

Rovena Marku (Albania | 10 Days Visa (Single Entry))
21-02-2018 (03:33)

I am very satisfied and very grateful for the help and the fast service .Congratulations and thank you. Best Regards Rovena Marku Olympic Swimmer

Ludovic Hanks (United Kingdom | 15 Days Visa (Single Entry))
20-02-2018 (12:04)

Excellent service

Sharon Young (United States of America | 15 Days Visa (Single Entry))
18-02-2018 (08:33)

Once I got an expert at Apple to coach me on how to get my photos online and send them, the process was quite simple. However, this occurred only after I had tried to use the scanner at the public library and could not, even with employee helpthen took two buses to the Apple store and waited 45 minutes to get assistance. The assumption that everyone has the equipment and knowledge to complete the required functions is mistaken.



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