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What Applicant have to say about OMAN Visa Service

WAI YAN LAW (Hong Kong | 30-Days Visa (Single Entry))
09-06-2018 (05:36)

thank you

Arkadiusz Pranga (Poland | 30-Days Visa (Single Entry))
08-06-2018 (02:38)

Good co-op. Thank you

JABBAR CHIRAMMAL (India | 30 Days Visa (Single Entry))
08-06-2018 (01:08)

Timely support from the staff sitting for online chat..thanks

Erwin Toplak (Austria | 30-Days Visa (Single Entry))
07-06-2018 (00:36)

Easy to acces, short & efficient - perfect!

Aysha Babu (India | 30 Days Visa (Single Entry))
06-06-2018 (01:58)


Ernest Andries Jansen van Vuuren (South Africa | 30-Days Visa (Single Entry))
04-06-2018 (08:20)

Excellent and effective service. Very well done.

MUSTAFA BULENT DURANER (Turkey | 30-Days Visa (Single Entry))
03-06-2018 (16:56)


charles Marie Dogimont (Belgium | 30-Days Visa (Single Entry))
02-06-2018 (03:54)

It was not possible to enter correctly the given name and the email address. Manual intervention by an operator from Omanvisa has been needed

Rainer Zintl (Germany | 1 Year (Multiple Entry) (Multiple Entries))
02-06-2018 (00:50)

Good Service, but a hike from 5 OMR to 92USD are 700... Does not give a nice picture of Oman as a first contact for a traveller... Pls revise your price policy, it was working before as well!

EDDY BERGAMIN (Italy | 30-Days Visa (Single Entry))
31-05-2018 (08:04)




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