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What Applicant have to say about OMAN Visa Service

Jennifer Edmonds (United Kingdom | 30-Days Visa (Single Entry))
26-09-2018 (06:30)

Early days but so far so good thanks

Nicholas Millen (United Kingdom | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
26-09-2018 (06:03)

The web application was simple to use, the staff prompting help were both helpful and polite and the visa arrived with me in a timely fashion: altogether an exemplar service. Thank you.

Hamza Abdalla Reda Abdou Mohamed (Egypt | 30 Days Visa (Single Entry))
25-09-2018 (22:28)

Excellent service , and treatment

Clifford Newnham (United Kingdom | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
25-09-2018 (12:55)

easy to apply good quick service

Valerie Jane McKenzie Slade (United Kingdom | 30-Days Visa (Single Entry))
25-09-2018 (09:50)

Good Afternoon, I found the uploading of photographs and required documents a little difficult to upload for the application. I managed it eventually and can now look forward to our trip to Oman. Best regards, Valerie Slade

Norbertus Purbadewanta Sutarto Hardjosusono (Netherlands | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
25-09-2018 (06:58)

Hourly service was 2,5 hourly. I guess always in time, except when you only have 1 hour left before check-in... :-)

Claudia Sandra Steinegger (Switzerland | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
25-09-2018 (03:28)

Very friedly personal 24 h support - fast in processing. I highly recommend Oman Visa

Wayne Ramsey (Australia | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
25-09-2018 (03:25)

Good service, with helpful advice when required.

Ronald Ghitter (Canada | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
24-09-2018 (07:06)

The service was quick and efficient.

Sylvia Raschendorfer (Austria | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
23-09-2018 (05:34)

Very fast, simple process to make an order, I`d do it again by this organisation.



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