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What Applicant have to say about OMAN Visa Service

Gene Alan Rose (United States of America | 30-Days Visa (Single Entry))
04-10-2018 (13:37)

This was a smooth, helpful service.

Ewa Gubała (Poland | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
04-10-2018 (03:00)

Simple procedure, quick respond. Thank you very much.

Oliver James Stewart-Liberty (United Kingdom | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
03-10-2018 (03:24)

Scanning and sending a copy of passports and a separate colour photograph is difficult for those without computer skills.

Armando A. STADELMANN (Switzerland | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
02-10-2018 (07:59)

Top Service incl. top Response and communications rates - Bravo!

Fareed Shakhatreh (Finland | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
29-09-2018 (13:26)

good experience

Susanna Elizabeth Mahne (South Africa | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
28-09-2018 (05:00)

Excellent service

Shirley Frances Elizabeth Williams (United Kingdom | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
28-09-2018 (02:20)

Your visa service is excellent! Form is easy to fill in and the processing time was very quick and efficient. Thank you!

Ingeborg Helene Aygen (Germany | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
28-09-2018 (01:38)

Excellent service

Bekir Sitki Aygen (Germany | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
28-09-2018 (01:37)

Thanks for quick Action.

Clifford Joseph Pereira (United Kingdom | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
27-09-2018 (20:05)

Extremely pleased with this service. Cruise trips require a number of visas and I have to admit the the Omani process is one of the better one. Indian Visa service has a lot to learn.



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