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What Applicant have to say about OMAN Visa Service

Penelope Anne Short (United Kingdom | 30-Days Visa (Single Entry))
02-11-2018 (04:01)

Much easier than the official website

Paul Abou Faysal (Lebanon | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
02-11-2018 (01:13)

fast and accurate

Muhammad Inam ur Rahim (Pakistan | 30 Days Visa (Single Entry))
01-11-2018 (23:00)

Out standing service and very prompt response. Extremely fast visa process service.

Magdy Girgis (Canada | 30-Days Visa (Single Entry))
01-11-2018 (14:52)

excellent professional service

BERNADENE MARY DIEZ (Australia | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
01-11-2018 (05:44)

I was extremely impressed by the online visa application and the great help from staff.

STEPHEN DIEZ (Australia | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
01-11-2018 (05:43)

Fantastic! Very professional

Myriam Smet (Belgium | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
31-10-2018 (11:36)

I applied for 2 persons and received -indeed really quick- the visa for ONE person, though i paid for 2. Though the Website pretend to be Dutch, the language is far from Dutch, please let it be reviewed by a Dutch native person. KR

George Richard (Netherlands | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
31-10-2018 (10:56)

the online chat help was also great. Thanks

Jana Gregorova (Czech Republic | 30-Days Visa (Single Entry))
31-10-2018 (06:50)

Mr James help us so much

igor ferreira brito holanda (Brazil | 10-Days Visa (Single Entry))
30-10-2018 (12:31)

Quick and reliable.



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